Is 27 Billion appriopriation for police deployment during the general election too much.
WISDOM on 11/14/18

Should special appropriation be made for police deployment during the upcoming election being that police is primarily vested with the role of securing the nation. If yes. Should it be up to the tone of 27 Billion Naira?


  • Usen Asanga on 11/14/18

    This is outrageously insensitive to the plight of Nigeria. Grossly irresponsible and unpatriotic. I suspect it is a bribe to the police so they can rig the elections in favour of the ruling party. This should be resisted by all well meaning Nigerians. Enough of this rubbish. 

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    • Emmanuel Inyang 2018-11-16T19:09:38

      27 billion naira is too much. It should be properly scrutinize Before it's passed..

  • Gospel on 11/16/18

    In one of my comments on a corrupt incident, I said this *"A bribe is a bribe; it doesn't have to be called a bribe outrightly"*.

    Obviously, judging from past years, 27Billion cannot possibly be for the protection of lives and properties, unless the government have truly changed.

    However, it is my humble opinion that the money is not too much. I'm close to a police officer (rtd) and I'm aware that one of the causes of poor policing and security services in Nigeria is inadequate funding. The financial system of administration has made it discouraging to comfortably recruit in the Force.

    To that extent, I succinctly state that, it is not too much. Thanks. I remain Nwakor Gospel. Let's make a difference against corruption.

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    • Godwin Dacosta Jr. 2018-12-24T17:26:43

      Even before elections they are police budget added to every budget the federal government provide to the national assembly,so why providing money for election Reason and even during the election the crisis and fight still commence.

  • Personally, my challenge is not about how much is appropriated or not because, fund notwithstanding, if the Nigeria police is not trained and retrained on high security standards, they'll get the money and still misuse it, go partisan, meme and subdue common citizens. 

    27 billion is outrageous. 

  • Godwin Dacosta Jr. on 12/24/18

    These are strategies by which our so called leaders use in looting our money because they know that unpredictable things could happen in the upcoming elections so they are all the same.its high time we clear them what of the way by using our pvc wisely,and put youths that are really happy seeing Nigeria great and beautiful. SAY NO TO OVER AGED LEADERS

  • Iyobosa Jefferson on 12/29/18

    It is not only too much, it is absurd!

    It's deafness and shameful how these dumb leaders do things assuming the people don't understand. This is madness!