_By Elder Comr. Kikiowo Ayoade_

Nothing is Free not even in Freetown. It has now become obvious that quality education can never be free as someone would always have to pay for it. The question today is WHO? Lets take a step back.

Everyone agrees that Illiteracy is causing and will continue cause irreparable damage to our economic progress, individual dignity even communal security. The educational structure in Nigeria today is elitist, Inefficient and broken. It is not preparing our young ones for the currency of the next generation; Intellect. 

*Elitist* because how much or How quality an education an individual has is a function of how much you can pay. 

*Inefficient* because the we have teachers who cannot teach, a redundant curriculum, outdated infrastructure. Unconcerned administrators.

*Broken* because the system is bought, corrupt, and merit no longer rules. 

I salute the President of Liberia, His Excellency, George Weah on his resolve to reform liberia and educate the  Liberian people, he has chosen to walk the path of the greats... History will never forget him. He is an example of the leadership Africa needs.

There's an urgent need for the Nigeria government to widely reform the Education system and heavily invest in it rather than spend billions subdising petroleum, or building redundant industries that will not feature in the Future.

Countries like Finland ,Malaysia, Tunisia, Norway, China have at epicenter of their growth and development a massive commitment to educating its citizens and this commitment is yielding the results we envy today.

In today's century, The wealth of a nation is not a measure of Natural resource but rather the potential of her human capital. 

*Way forward*

Firstly, the Nigeria 1999 constitution, expressly shows our country education policy, 

In Chapter 2, Section 18, Sub Section 3

(3) Government shall strive to eradicate illiteracy; and to this end "Government shall as and when practicable provide"

(a) free, compulsory and universal primary education;

(b) free secondary education;

(c) free university education; and

(d) free adult literacy programme

Though admirable, it is incomplete as it doesn't address Standards, and Process. This is a Lacuna in the country educational system, that needs urgent amendment. 

Also, Note the lack of Commitment in the condition "as and when practicable" . This statement has continuously allowed Education to be underfunded year in year out, leading to a huge chunk of Today problems.

Government should enforce the paragraph (a) of the above constitution that children between school age shouldn't be see hawking during school hours, 

Secondly, if our bank could borrow you money to trade, farm, and others stuffs... banks should be start borrowing students money for educational purpose. The culture of Student Loans. Investment in the growth of human capacity is most important investment.

 The popular saying goes "when you open the doors of schools, you automatically close the doors of prison. 

In Conclusion, Even more Stark is the connection between illiteracy and insecurity. Terrorism, crime and numerous other vice thrives in the  face of illiteracy and human indignity. 

   Since 2013, we are still battling the fires of extremism. And militancy. The heat of herdmen and bokoharam have been felt by all with its  root cause the mass illiteracy and Aristocracy prevalent in northern Nigeria. This trend is a great threat on all of us as Nigerians , and things can only get worse if nothing changes quickly. 

Back to the question. The answer all of us. One way or the other.

The call is simple, let us all prioritize education an d make it work for ourselves and our Future. 




The voice of the people, is the voice of God!!!

God bless Ondo State!!!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Kikiowo Ayoade D.  is the president, reformation movement of Nigeria(futa), a member of the Africa youth combatting against corruption, a nation building strategist, a unionist, policy analyst and a student of the federal university of technology akure.

Email: joykay02@gmail.com , Twitter: @kikiowo ayoade, Facebook: / kikiowo ayoade, website: www.ay4president.com.ng